Daily Archives: October 2, 2006

The Gift of Kindness

“Every kind act, no matter how small, is like a pebble tossed into the pond of human caring…the rings reach out far beyond the point of impact; the action of our kind deed acts more kindly toward the people around them, those people act more kindly toward the people around them, and so it goes, on and on.”

Through a series events, none of which were coincidences, I was introduced Daniel Decker one of the founders of Gift of Kindness.com. Daniel, along with his wife, started Gift of Kindness in 2003 using their own money to fund the idea which has grown by leaps and bounds. No surprise there! They spend much of the free time sending out newsletters,cards, etc.Make sure to visit Giftofkindness.com and see what you can do to help make a difference.

kindnesscardYou are going to hear much more about this fantastic site, in fact, Our very own Kind writer, Julie Luongo is planning to put together a story for our site, as soon as we can get a few minutes with Daniel and his team.

In the meantime pay them a visit and see the wonderful things they’re doing and how you can help make a difference!

The One Kind Act Team…