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Crafting A Better World

Crafting A Better World

Whatever the nature of your contribution to worldly positivity, consider that even the smallest endeavors can spread cheer and optimism among those individuals who can most benefit from such good feelings. If you are not sure how best to contribute, your loved ones and neighbors will likely appreciate your reaching out to them to say hello.

craftbetterworldWhen we give in to our generous, compassionate impulses, we ensure that we are acting as part of a larger movement to improve the world. From the smallest charitable endeavor to the largest worldwide mission of kindness, our efforts do more than simply work against the tide of suffering that threatens to overtake humanity as a whole. In brightening the lives of individuals we encounter in our selfless service, we create the conditions necessary to form a counteracting wave of contentment.

Those whose lives we touch, however briefly, will more than likely go on to touch the lives of others. We can then take pride in the fact that we have taken effective steps to spread compassion among our fellow humans. As you satisfy your desire to act charitably today, you will unsurprisingly become a part of the change you wish to see.

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Quotes of Kindness

“Make the most of today. Translate your good intentions into actual deeds.”
~ Grenville Kleiser

“Kind words can be short, but their echoes are endless.”
~ Mother Teresa

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
~ The Holy Bible

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Kindness Begins At Home

Kindness Begins At Home 
By Guest Contributer: Mark Brown

We all know that we should be kind to people. This is not news, nor is it news that when we are kind to others that it makes people feel better and it also makes us feel better. So then why, are we not kind all of the time? Some of us might say things like:

“Why should I always be kind to people, people aren’t always kind to me”

“The world is not kind to me, so why should I be kind to the world”

“I am kind to people when I am in the right mood”, which translates, to when I am not tired, not worried, not frazzled, not over worked, not hungry, not a victim, well, you get the idea.

The truth is, it’s easier not to be kind, isn’t it? It really does not take any real effort to be a grumpy, selfish person.  It does take effort to be kind and to do kind things for people.

I think the issue of not being kind goes deeper than that it takes effort, or that other people are not kind in return. I believe that one of the key reasons we fail to be as kind to others as we could be is because; we are not all that kind to ourselves.

We are not kind to ourselves!  Think about that for a moment. If we are not kind to ourselves then how can we expect ourselves to be kind to others?

You may ask, what does that mean, we are not kind to our self? Think about the voice in your head, are you thinking kind thoughts about yourself, or are you thinking negative thoughts about yourself, e.g. your not good enough, you will fail, you don’t deserve to be happy, etc. When you see something that you want or need do you treat yourself or do you deny yourself? How would that differ if we were talking about someone else in your life? You would probably help them get what they want or need, right?

kindness matters.jpg
Are you starting to see what I am saying?  Kindness begins at home, with being kind to your self. Once you are kind to your self, then you can and will start being kinder to other people!

Do something kind for your self today, allow you to be kind to you. Listen to the needs of your inner self, your spirit your soul, be kind to your self and watch the magic begin! I assure you, that you will feel better about you and that kindness will cascade to other people in your life!

About the Author:
Mark Brown is a highly motivated and kind soul. He’s the newest member of the One Kind Act Team, and we are thrilled to have him aboard.  We’re sure you’ll see more articles and more from Mark in the future.To learn more about Mark, visit his blog The Naked Soul

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Spreading Your Light – How You Affect Others Daily

Spreading Your Light
How You Affect Others Daily

As the pace and fullness of modern life serve to isolate us from one another, the contact we do share becomes vastly more significant. We unconsciously absorb each other’s energy, adopting the temperament of those with whom we share close quarters, and find ourselves changed after the briefest encounters. Everything we do or say has the potential to affect not only the individuals we live, work, and play with but also those we’ve just met. Though we may never know the impact we have had or the scope of our influence, accepting and understanding that our attitudes and choices will affect others can help us remember to conduct ourselves with grace at all times. When we seek always to be friendly, helpful, and responsive, we effortlessly create an atmosphere around ourselves that is both uplifting and inspiring.

Most people rarely give thought to the effect they have had or will have on others. When we take a few moments to contemplate how our individual modes of being affect the people we spend time with each day, we come one step closer to seeing ourselves through the eyes of others. DailyOM-SpreadlightBy asking ourselves whether those we encounter walk away feeling appreciated, respected, and liked, we can heighten our awareness of the effect we ultimately have. Something as simple as a smile given freely can temporarily brighten a person’s entire world. Our value-driven conduct may inspire others to consider whether their own lives are reflective of their values. A word of advice can help others see life in an entirely new fashion. And small gestures of kindness can even prove to those embittered by the world that goodness still exists. By simply being ourselves, we influence other’s lives in both subtle and life-altering ways.


To ensure that the effect we have is positive, we must strive to stay true to ourselves while realizing that it is the demeanor we project and not the quality of our wondrous inner landscapes that people see. Thus, as we interact with others, how we behave can be as important as who we are. If we project our passion for life, our warmth, and our tolerance in our facial features, voice, and choice of words, every person who enters our circle of influence will leave our presence feeling at peace with themselves and with us. You never know whose life you are affecting, big or small. Try to remember this as you go out into the world each day.

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