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Help Wanted – Change The World

Help Wanted!

The One Kind Act.com Team is asking for bloggers, and Webmasters to lend us a hand and spread the word about One Kind Act! It requires little to no effort and the payoff could be huge…

A few starter ideas:

  1. Link to One Kind Act.com from your site.
  2. Write a little post about One Kind Act or post an idea here.
  3. Encourage others to link to us, or write a little post on their Blog about One Kind Act.

HTML Code and Direct Links are at the end of this post…

Your One Kind Act has the power to change the world!
Results make take time to been seen.
You may not receive an immediate thank you.
The world may change and people make look at you and smile.
Someone might let you get in line at the store.
A driver may let you get in front of them, without getting annoyed.
Someone may compliment you and truly mean it.
You make someone’s day.

The Fine Print
All of the above are typical results of One Kind Act. Please be sure you can handle the change, and you agree not to hold us liable for any kind act that you may receive.

Copy and Paste the HTML Code Below into your site or use the direct link.


Direct Link:

Thanking you in advance,
All of us, (The Team) at One Kind Act.com

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