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The Effects of Kindness on the Body and Mind

The Effects of Kindness on the Body and Mind.
Jason Parker

As Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about in his book, the Power of Intention, kindness has been scientifically researched. The results are astounding. Kindness both increases our levels of serotonin and strengthens our immune systems. You may know that the role of anti-depressants is to increase the production of serotonin in our bodies.


Because serotonin makes us feel light, happy, and at ease. Research has shown that a single act of kindness increases the levels of serotonin in the recipient of the kindness and the one being kind.

Futhermore, and amazingly, those who witness the act of kindness are effected the same! What does this say about the nature of mankind? When we are kind, our bodies and minds work in harmony. We are also in harmony with others. Therefore, we must be naturally kind beings.

Kindness creates peace of mind, a disease-free body, and great relationships.

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