The Secret and One Kind Act

Loving Annie

I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday. Almost went home first, but some little inner voice kept saying “go”, so go to the bookstore I went… Hadn’t been in a while, maybe six weeks or so, which is a looong time for me.

Immediately scooped up nine new novels, from James Patterson to Julie Garwood to Barbara Delinsky to Stephen King to Susan Issacs to Julie Garwood to Lisa Gardner, etc…. As usual, a multi-faceted fiction feast.

As I lugged my haul to the check-out counter, an elderly, handicapped woman began to inquire of the clerk.

She wanted to get a copy of ‘The Secret‘… She was going to be having friends over, and they had all been talking about it. Clearly she wanted to experience whatever was in ‘The Secret’secret-small

The young clerk told her that they were all sold out…

Now here’s the coincidence of it all…

At lunch, I had taken my copy of ‘The Secret’ with me to read… It was sitting on the front seat of my car…

I’d only had the book for a month, and had already read it a half-dozen times for inspiration, and planned on reading it even more as the year went by…

But now that book had a new owner to go to… I snatched it up, and walked rapidly over to the handicapped woman’s car, where she had just started her engine. I knocked on her window and she looked startled, but opened the door.

I told her that I had a copy of ‘The Secret’, and that I wanted her to have it as a gift…

I felt so good walking away… It just felt like the right thing to do — that the energy of kindness/wisdom/inspiration that was in the book was meant to flow into someone else…

Or maybe the handicapped woman had visualized it somehow, unconsciously used her own power of attraction — and it manifested…

About the Author:Loving-Annie
Loving Annie, is one of the newest members of the One Kind Act Team. When she’s not spending time spreading love and happiness or her blog, (What my Heart Knows Inside) she’s working hard to help spread the word about One Kind Act.

Her latest Kind Act will be unveiled on her BLOG : Wednesday, March 7th, 2007, be sure to check it out!

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9 thoughts on “The Secret and One Kind Act

  1. Stephanie Rothman

    Dear Annie, I just LOVED your story! I know that feeling that you had when you walked away. There is no better feeling than helping someone unexpectedly and feeling appreciated for that help!

    I feel pretty certain that the lady that you helped had a very strong desire for the book, she believed she was going to get it, she was excited about getting it, and so she got it!

    The Law Of Attraction at it’s finest, wouldn’t you say? 😉

    Because you did that for her, I would like to do something for you! I would like to give you a copy of my cd, The Secret to the Secret: The Law of Attraction in Action. It will reprogram your mind to utilize the LoA in the best way possible.

    If this sounds good to you, please send me your address, and I’ll send it.

    Paying it forward, Stephanie

  2. kindact

    Hey Jules,
    Thanks for your friendship, kind words, and for being such an important part of getting One Kind Act off the ground… 🙂

    Love having your on the team!

  3. Mark

    This is a great story. I am a big fan of Loving Annie’s writing. She is a very loving soul. If you haven’t been to her site yet, you are missing out!
    Why are you still reading this, click on her link now.

  4. Desiree

    Awesome! What a wonderful act of kindness! That kind memory will undoubtedly remain in that woman’s mind as a very fond memory for the rest of her life! What’s more, I’m sure she spread the joy onward to someone else too because that’s what happens with kindness, it spreads! Thanks for this lovely story and thanks for being so kind!

  5. Loving Annie

    Stephanie, Julie, Mark and Desiree : Glad you enjoyed it !
    We have an endless cicrcle of kindness here, between us and others. How nice to see it in action !
    Thank you so much for your comments…
    Loving Annie

  6. One Kind Act

    Stephanie, Julie, Mark, Jules, Desiree, and of course Annie, thanks for the wonderful feedback and comments… The interaction has been fantastic!

    Matthew and the One Kind Act Team 🙂


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