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Joy Through Generosity

Joy Through Generosity
by CeeCi Giardino

Something happened Monday which put me into a bit of an emotional tailspin. Right now, I’m not ready to write about it. I don’t want to give it any more time or thought than I already have. In a few days perhaps, but not right now.

Monday is the day I set aside to accomplish my errands. I rush around town, going to the bank, the post office, and the grocery store. This past Monday, I added a couple of extra stops to my list. When I left the house, I was not in the best frame of mind. I was introspective and dwelling, okay, I was pissed and ruminating. Oh and distracted.

My first stop was the bank. The tellers there are friendly and we’ve enjoyed many good interactions over the years. It’s funny how other people see you and recognize when you don’t seem to be your normal self. The teller asked me if I was alright, I assured her I was then went on my way.

I drove to the post office to drop off my mail in a curbside box. The man in front of me really ticked me off and I found myself saying some rather unkind things to him about his driving skills, the car he was in and his intelligence. Yep, I was being quite the ray of sunshine.

Next I headed to the gym. That’s right, the gym. I’ve been feeling rather lumpy and my energy level has been waning to say the least. I stopped working out regularly about six months ago and I’m very sorry I did. I decided it was time to get my butt back in gear.

It’s the young man who helped me enroll who is prompting me to write. He was courteous, in the way a salesman is trained to be. He asked me my reasons for joining and seemed surprised when I told him I wanted to re-gain my strength and energy. We discussed my options and I startled him again when he asked if I wanted to be measured and weighed so I could check my progress. I declined, weight loss is not my motivation, I explained.ceeci-oka

As we talked, we both began to relax. I learned he was a musician. He’d moved to the area from 90 miles north recently in search of a place to land to ‘take a break.’ He was a high school teacher. I didn’t ask for any details, his demeanor was telling me he was here as part of a healing process.

We continued talking about music. He told me he’s writing and recording his own music. “I’m classically trained, but I’m doing a folk/alternative kinda’ thing.” I asked him to elaborate. After listening to him for a bit we began talking about music we like. We share a love for AfroCelts and agreed, popular music went south in the late 90’s. I asked him if he’d heard of Alexi Murdoch (the artist I featured on Monday). He hadn’t.

I began explaining who Alexi Murdoch is and why I like his music so much. I could tell it was as interesting as listening to the plot of someone’s dream is to me, he had no frame of reference. Then an idea hit me…give him the CD! It was in my car. I’d been listening to it as I was running around town.

“I have his CD in my car,” I told him. “Would you like to have it?”

He looked at me like he hadn’t heard me correctly. “You want to give me your CD?” he asked.

I assured him I did. I’ve copied it onto my computer, I can easily burn another one. I really wanted him to hear this wonderful musician.

We finished the registration process and then he walked to my car with me. I popped the CD out of the player and slipped it into the case and handed it to him. I told him the first song made me cry the very first time I’d listened to it. He was nearly speechless as he examined the tri-fold paper case.

“This is what I’d like my first CD to look like. Simple, clean, look he’s included the lyrics. Thanks, wow, thanks so much!” he said.

I told him it was my pleasure and I hoped he’d enjoy it as much as I did.

Driving away, my mood did a complete shift. I went from fretful and rather morose to feeling light and bountiful. I’d just given someone I’d never laid eyes on until 30 minutes before something I really enjoyed and I did it for no reason other than I wanted to!

When I came home from the rest of my errands there was a message waiting for me on my machine from him. He told me he’d only had a chance to listen to the first song and like me, it had brought tears to his eyes. He went on to say he was anticipating listening to the rest of it. Then he thanked me again and said he’d see me when I go to the gym.

Thinking about what transpired between us, I realized something…we both received a gift on Monday. He got some new music to listen to and perhaps be inspired by. I was shown how profoundly a simple gesture can affect me..I found joy through generosity.

About the Author:
gdp-ceeci-mainCeeCi, is a fellow blogger who was kind enough to allow us to re-print here story here. Her Blog, Giardino del Piacere is filled with heart warming stories and ideas. She was instrumental in getting One Kind Act Wednesday’s started and has been the push behind other special days.

When she is not running her business, (12 Years – Happy Anniversary) 🙂 she’s in the garden or playing music, most likely both… Be sure to stop by and visit her blog, you’ll be glad you did.