About One Kind Act

The Concept: One Kind Act a Day! It’s really quite simple, do One Kind Act a day, and watch in amazement as the world around you changes.
One Kind Act is not a new idea, it is simply a different way to deliver the message. Yes, people differ in many ways, however, we each share something very special, a gift given to us at birth; the ability to make a difference in someone’s life…

Our mission is to spread the message this very message and do our part in changing the world for the better…It’s not about money or having our pictures in the paper, it’s about giving back, starting a ripple effect that will continue to travel with no end in site.
Think about the words that follow and then take action!  Small acts of kindness are extremely contagious and it’s those small acts of kindness that make the biggest difference. It’s that simple!

Join us and help change the world, One Kind Act a Day!

Wishing you a fantastic day!
The One Kind Act Team